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Grey Thinking

altes Treppenhaus mit Stuckarbeiten / old stairway with stucco work

Wisdom, something I put up on a pedestal. Something I’ve felt is one of the most sacred things in the world.

It liberates us from being animals, mindless, chaotic, horny animals. It tells us how to act in order to bring favourable conditions, as well as avoid unfavourable conditions. Wisdom also shows us all the different points of view, it teaches us to look at things from every possible angle, to approach everything knowing that everything isn’t black and white. Everything manifests in different shades of grey.

I take this to heart as one of my core values. To be able to see things through wise eyes, to actively eliminate subjectivity from my views.

One of the most prominent characteristics of my thinking is that it is always uncertain, it might be because I am an inquisitive mind. I question everything, I question others’ opinions, as well as my own. I question morals, political issues, philosophical issues, everything. Nothing escapes this, nothing is so 100%. Facts are exceptions. But other than that, I see that there is no definite answer.

But then due to this thinking, I begin questioning good and bad, what is good? What is bad?

There is no answer.

I personally believe that good and bad is very subjective. It all comes from how a person was taught to think. For example, in a society where people think that stoning someone to death because of, let’s say, premarital sex. Most people wouldn’t feel any problems with this. But most of us in this age,at least in the western world, would think that this is preposterous. No one deserves this kind of treatment, and over SEX, just sex. We see this judgement bad, harsh and draconian. But they see it as normal, heck, some of them even think it’s good. They lived in a time where this was acceptable, they were taught that it was acceptable, so they now think it is acceptable. This is an example of subjective morality.

There are probably people who immediately thought ‘That is utterly unacceptable.’ when they read about the stoning. This is thinking I avoid, I actively avoid judging immediately. I  instead try hard to understand the person’s view more than anything. Because as Ellen Langer says, ‘Behavior makes sense from the actors’ perspective, or else they wouldn’t do it.’, no one does anything just because they can. They meant to do something, I look for what they meant to do. That way I can understand and possibly help them to carry out what they wanted to do.

This is how I look at the world, just a constant need to understand everything around me. But why do I do this?

I want to be fair. I want to be just.

But most of the time, I still come off as a bit of a cynical asswipe. I come across as a smartass of sorts. But people who judge me this way just do so because that is just what they see on the surface, they do not look deeper into my inner working to see how much I sincerely feel that there is a possibility of me helping the world in one way or another.

One big possibly fatal flaw, my hubris, is that all I want to do is help. I’m excessively good-natured, I forego my needs to satisfy others, I let my image be besmirched just so I can help another to rise up.

Another really big one is that even if I can see all the greys, but I forget colour.

I look at the world and see just muted, grey. Colour is everyone’s own subjectivity, our own emotions. It makes life worth living. It makes living feel more than just existence. I have to learn to let this colour into my vision, otherwise, I am just an empty soul. Every day I try hard to let it in, and every day just a little prickle of colour appears and makes my day so much better.

I hope this may shed at least a small amount of sunlight onto your hearts.

But on another note, if you want somewhat of a good laugh, why not read my post on the awkwardness of Kissing?

What’s With All The Label Abuse?

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People love to label things.

People, cans, drinks, furniture, geological features. They all have labels, this is normal and very much practical. It helps us differentiate between many things. It helps us tell the difference between a baby and, let’s say, a cupcake. It saves us from accidental cannibalism of babies. Of course, this is just an exaggeration. But none the less, it is an example.

Labels also help us organise things, perhaps you are organising your priorities. You label them ‘Important’ and ‘Unimportant’, this helps us complete tasks efficiently, or make decisions that bring out a more favourable outcome. These are the practical uses of labels.

A lot of people nowadays (on the internet at least) often say labels are ‘bad’, usually conversations about this starts like this:

‘I don’t get why people are so fixated on all these labels. Why can’t you just be like, a human? You’re just making division by using all these categories. Blah blah blah, we’re all special snowflakes, blah blah blah.’ (I would add more but it all is pretty much gibberish at this point.)

This is why I want to discuss here is the way we label people specifically.

Any random person would be attached with a myriad of labels, these can be about their physical traits, personality and a number of other things. These labels make up who they are. This makes sense. It helps us decide on whether someone is beneficial to us or is detrimental to us, you wouldn’t trust a person who is labelled a ‘rapist’ if it is for a legitimate reason.

But there are times at which one might abuse these labels, one might use a label such as ‘Rich’ to make one feel that they are better than others or to get authority over another person that they don’t deserve. At the same time, though, one could use ‘Rich’ as an insult. To dismiss their view with the sentence ‘He is rich, he can’t possibly understand pain.’. Many even give people bad labels that they don’t deserve.

I often see this in current day feminism and the social justice movement.

I know that not all people in these ideologies act like this, there are people willing to put aside their differences to talk honestly about certain sensitive topics. But all too often I see people who berate to anyone who DARES to have a differing opinion from a feminist or an SJW. They throw the terms ‘mysogonist’ or ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ to absolutely anyone with a differing opinion. They do it without thinking that these terms can be ultimately life ruining, they could make someone lose their home, their job, even possibly their life. And they do it anyway over a small argument as ‘I personally do not agree.’.

I find this in pretty much any community on the internet, though, but the one with the most influence is feminism and the SJW movement. And I cannot let such behaviour slide, this toxic thinking, this intellectual dishonesty can spread, it can spread fast.

I hate this use of these very powerful words in these situations, the constant use of ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ really does injustice to people who actually are affected by actual racism or sexism. It makes them seem ‘dramatic’. Because if EVERYTHING is racist, then nothing is. Racist would be just ‘normal’. Anything described as racist would be dismissed as just trivial. You might see a person using the term ‘racist’ as just a cool way to one up a person, a joke really, not an actual word that has a very strong meaning.

Some people would tell me that I am not being productive by whining about other people’s whining. They say ‘Why don’t you talk about the REAL problems?’ What they don’t understand is that this whining usually covers up the real problem or actually CREATES real problems. I mean these labels have been abused so much that many people I know barely even care about actual real issues. THAT is a VERY real problem that this behaviour causes.

I know my post probably won’t do much to stop this, but I hope I can enlighten some people on this topic so that they can stop people from continuing the abuse.

Comment below if you have any arguments against my views or the way I conveyed my views. I will try my best to improve the way I write because I know I am not the most articulate nor am I the most eloquent but I am trying.

On a lighter note, why not look at my blog post on Stress, it might help. Or if you want something deeper, look on my philosophical post on love why not?

I like Hugs.


All photos from Morguefile.com

I Like hugs a lot.

Despite what I said on my post on stress, I really like hugs, well depending on many many factors.

I really like hugs, especially if it is from a person I like a lot or just a really good friend. But I hate hugging people when I really just don’t want to, if I don’t wanna hug, please don’t force me because I will become extremely awkward and we’ll just have a very weird stiff hug. After that, I will severely dislike you for at least half an hour, don’t hug me when I don’t want one.

It Is Okay To Hug Me…

…if you are a really really cute animal. (actually, can you consider that as a hug? Probably yes.)

…when I am in a good mood. (I am hardly in a good mood,)

…when I say “Can someone hug me? Please?” and I burst into tears.

I like hugging but it can be extremely uncomfortable, if I was in a really good mood, I could greet you with a hug.(Probably won’t ever happen in my life.) But in the right conditions, hugs are very nice.

It is NOT Okay To Hug Me…

…when I’m angry

…when I am crying and want to be alone.

…when you are a Python

…when you are a bad person

…when I am alive

Sometimes, a very affectionate social butterfly type person would try to hug me when I don’t want a hug, once they finish they’d ask why I was like a stone statue when we hugged.

I would need to explain that I don’t really like hugs.

Then they’ll say “That… does not make sense.”, then “What horrible childhood event turned you into a cold, distant sociopath? You are a coldhearted freak aren’t you? You might be a serial killer, you’re a serial killer.” (People are so harsh.)

So that’s what they think of me, but really, I’m not the type of person that is extremely affectionate (unless you are a really really good friend).

Hugs are mentally and physically unpleasant.

  1. Hugging for the first time is extremely uncomfortable, there is no universal way to hug, and there are so many hugs that are honestly extremely awkward.
  2. I am an awkward so the hug would be very unpleasant for me, I don’t know how to deal with it.
  3. Even if you figure out where to put your arms with minimal awkwardness, an accessory could ruin it all. e.g backpack.
  4. Sometimes our ears hook, a frenzy follows
  5. Sometimes some people hug differently because of cultural differences, so the way you hug (or the other person) could convey the wrong meaning.
  6. It is like a balancing act, put your hands too high it usually means you are either comforting the person or are in love, too low then… you know.
  7. When someone actually does hug you in a certain way, you just have thoughts going through your mind, trying to understand the meaning if the hug.

This portrays my inner feelings when I receive an unwanted hug.

Let Me Give Some Advice To You Huggers:

There are things that you shouldn’t hug:

Angry Cats (But they are so cute)

Cacti (latin) /Cactuses (English)

Giant Anime Squid/Octopus monsters

Pikachus (don’t wanna be shocked do you?)


Anything Sharp

When you hug here are some guidelines:

  1. Always respect another person’s space. Don’t hug em if they don’t wanna.
  2. Ask permission, unless both parties are already comfortable with it.
  3. Hug according to the situation, there is a difference between a ‘nice to meet you’ hug and a ‘I need you now, please love me.’ hug.
  4. In general, try not to put your hand too high or too low, too low is becomes sexual, to high, it becomes too passionate.
  5. Also, good hygiene please, no one wants to hug someone smelly.
  6. Don’t hug too tight and make their eyes pop out of their head.(especially with pugs, I get really scared with that.)

So if you follow these guidelines, you should probably not get killed by a psychotic person.

Also, about other social stuff us homosapiens do, why don’t you go to my post on Kissing.

Also, sorry about not posting for like, a million years, but now I’m back. My posts won’t be super regular but I will try hard to post more often.

Well, hope y’all have a good day!

Kissing Is Weird


Kissing is really weird.

Just the thought of two sets of wet flabs of meat being pushed together and just getting smushed around and getting all everyone wet and sticky from the saliva (wait, that’s not how you kiss?). Why do we do it even, we should think that it’s disgusting because we could be getting diseases from the kiss (oral herpes eww.).

Anyways, I’ve complied a table of ways NOT to kiss (Advice from a person who never kissed anyone before.)

Ways NOT To Kiss

  1. The Crusty Kiss — When one or both of the people involved has chapped lips and it freaking feels disgusting.
  2. The Statue Kiss — When one person involved in the kiss just stands erect and emotionless, just as though you’re kissing a statue.
  3. The Dead Kiss — When you kiss a dead body then take a selfie with it, kidding, it’s the same as the one above, only their body is more… limp? I think that’s a good word to use.
  4. The Peck — When you go all duckface and peck someone in the mouth. It can hurt.
  5. The Dog Kiss — When you kiss and so much saliva goes EVERYWHERE.
  6. The Spear Kiss — When someone kisses you and they stab their tongue into your mouth and it is like so hard, it just feels weird.
  7. The Washing Machine Kiss — When someone stabs into your mouth (similar to the spear kiss) and moving it rapidly in a circular motion.
  8. Pins and Needles — Please guys, know that one day you would be able to grow facial hair that does not make people feel like their being stabbed by millions of tiny pins and needles, but before that, please refrain from kissing people.
  9. The Biter — Please refrain from biting too much because biting a bit is okay, full on gnawing their face off is a bit painful, please stop.
  10. The Vampire Slayer — Please take a mint, please.
  11. The Face Lick — If you’re doing this, you’re probably drunk, and your face will be so gross afterwards,

Back To School (Day Before)


Okay, school, every teenager dreads this day, the day they go back to school after the summer, I like school but I dread this day as well.

I am a boy that could be considered a nerd but not really a geek (well, I kinda am a geek. But no vigimo games, more like books.), I do very well in school academic wise, but I’m not a social butterfly in any way. What I mean about “I do very well academic wise.”, I am the second in the whole Form (or Grade for y’all ‘mericans), I am the first several subjects  and got several crappy trophies from school (They could really be better made, but why should you spend the money on secondary students, even I find the trophies useless, eventually I’ll put it in a bonfire.) Homework is easy, and learning is waaay too easy for me, I just remembered everything long before I went to class, and one day my world will come crumbling down onto me when I find something I haven’t learnt yet(That won’t happy, I’ll just study it and I’ll be fine.)

So since I’m a teenager who is beginning to panic about going back to school after the long summer holiday., I decided to compile a list of reasons for why teenagers derad the first day of school

Reasons Teenagers Dread The First Day Of School

  1. Making a Good First Impression — This is one that stresses me like crazy, i just wanna look good for the first day of school, but I have to wear a uniform and I have to wake up early in the morning and I need to look like a decent looking person in an hour, it is stressful.
  2. Getting to School LATE — This is one that will make me cry, I just really really need to be punctual every single day, and if I get onto the bus five minutes to late, I begin feeling tears welling up and I start breathing rapidly and my heart starts racing. It is the worst.
  3. Humiliating Yourself in Front of the Whole Class —  When you walk the halls and walk up the stairs, you become etremely self-conscious and the self-consciousness could make you mess up in front of everyone and become a laughing stock, no one wants to be a laughing stock.
  4. Bad Sleeping Patterns — Throughout the summer, you’ve probably slept late and woke up late, and you’ll get the worst morning ever when you fall asleep late and wake up early again for the rest of your school year.
  5. New Teachers — You might get a new teacher and that teacher could be your worst nightmare, I don’t even want to elaborate.
  6. Subjects Become Too Cray Cray — This has not happened yet, but I’m expecting it to happen, and then the homework will be the worst.
  7. Your Friends Forget You — What if you get there and it’s like you are a new student again and everyone doesn’t care about you, well if that happens they are not good friends
  8. A Friend Transferred School — And you lose them forever nooooooo.

So now that I’ve finished listing out some of my many many stresses, I will wake up the next morning and brave the first day and sail through the rough seas(figuratively obviously, also don’t use the word literally here, it is the wrong use you teenagers.)

So wait for tomorrow for the continuation of this horrible horrible story.

To be continued…

How to de-stress Normal and Extreme Methods


I am always under stress.

Stress is a part of life to me, emotional stress, mental stress, physical stress, whatever. I constantly am stressed, and I try to find ways to de-stess. So I turned to the internet, there, I found a several solutions to this problem.

Internet Suggested Solutions

  1. Meditate — I wonder when I’ll have the time to meditate if I don’t wake up at 5 a.m in the morning, I also am not a think-nothing type of person, I am a think-of-everything-and-cry type of person.
  2. Breathe Deeply — I don’t get anything from this other than looking like a serial killer, I really just breathe deeply while your eyes are wide open and not look like a crazy serial killer.
  3. Be Present — Um, I am very well present,  I am panicking because I currently have hundreds of tasks that I need to complete, I am panicking because I see lots of dirt everywhere and I need to clean it all.
  4. Cleaning — Cleaning is one of the most stressful things sometimes, especially when you have to clean after other people while handling other things as well, and I’m not paid, some maids are so whiny and complain so much, I have to do the same work without pay.
  5. Take a Break — Experts often say that taking breaks help with stress a lot, I say if you are stressed then your probably not gonna have time to take a break.
  6. Listen to Music — They say to listen to soothing music, but soothing soft music slows down my productivity and makes it harder for me to finish my stressful tasks, I need some good upbeat fast music to speed up my productivity.
  7. Exercise — I hate exercising plus I don’t have time, also I don’t like being self conscious about how I look when I run and also how I smell, It is very stressful.
  8. Massage — this can help a bit, but getting touched by other people can be horrifying.

Some of these things really help with stress, but so so slowly and I ain’t got time for that. I need to be already de-stressed yesterday or last year or never actually ever feel stress in my life. So I made myself think up my own practically instant solutions.

Extreme Solutions to Stress

  1. Comit a crime and go into prison [Disclaimer] Can cause new sources of stress (e.g. Stabbings, beatings, etc.)
  2. Take drugs and hallucinate [Disclaimer]Can cause you to go to jail or even die. Also can reduce your productivity and also ruin your health. I do not condone drug abuse, it’s too harmful rather than helpful.
  3. Fall into a coma and sleep all the pain away [Disclaimer] Can cause more stresses on money (e.g. Hospital bills, phone bills, etc)
  4. Take a Vow of silence then join some church or something — and never say anything about your stressful past.
  5. Disappear — if you can’t deal with it, run away, don’t tell anyone just run, run until no one can find you.
  6. Go Crazy — You’ll be put in a mental asylum, free food and medical care, but you’ll be crazy and you won’t care, or you’ll be suffering in there because you know that the lizards are taking over the world
  7. Live in the woods — just hunt for food and be self sufficient, but there are also other causes of stress (e.g. Bears, spiders, bugs, diseases, winter, etc.)
    Or you can die in a bus.
  8. Burn Everything Down to the Ground — Watch Everything go up in smoke.
  9. Get “amnesia” — what? I don’t remember.

These are very extreme ways to get rid of stress, but they don’t really particularly look appealing, but they should work… Um I think so at least. The results will speak for themselves, they’ll ruin your life, but you won’t be stressed anymore.

Of course you can still go for the normal methods (which I prefer), they will just take a long time.

This has not been the first or last time that I’ll be stressed, but somehow I still stayed sane, maybe I should write self improvement books on handling stress. It might help my stress if I help others.

But I think I’ll go crazy before that.

Discovery! Onions and Vinegar! Potato salad!

Wooooo!!! This is my first cooking/food post ever! It won’t be a long one though.

So, what I’ve discovered quite recently (while watching a great Italian chef called Gennarldo Contaldo. You should watch his YouTube channel.), if you marinade onions inside of vinegar, they taste AMAZING.


I was just browsed the web and found this video on the FoodTube channel and decided, why don’t I just make this potato salad, so I made it and my mind was blown by how good it was, it was so good and so simple, the onions are marinated in the vinegar and the acidity changes the onion’s taste, I can’t really describe the taste, but it’s so good!

These Are The Ingredients:

    • Potatoes
    • Red Onions
    • Salt and pepper
    • Red/white wine vinegar/Lemon Juice
    • olive oil
    • lots of oregano

There are no exact measurements for this so just wing it.

The instructions are simple:

  1. Thinly slice the onions and put it in a bowl of vinegar/lemon juice and let it marinade.
  2. Boil the potatoes until tender.
  3. Peel the potatoes
  4. Put them in a bowl and put the oregano and olive oil.
  5. Add the vinegar and onions to the potatoes
  6. Add salt and pepper to taste
  7. Then eat it.

Here’s the video. (I love the way he talks, it’s so happy and cheery.)

The salad really is amazing, and it’s so easy to make. But maybe you should not eat it too much, you might get heartburn, but it’s gonna take quite a bit of will power.

My View On Love


All photos from www.morguefile.com

So, this is my first ever blog post! And it’ll be a kinda downer post because I’m a sad person.

So, Love, Love is a great thing really, it makes people happy, it brings peace and also holds society together. But, similar to how strong light yields a sharp shadow, Love has a really dark side, a side we all have become blind to.

This is the reason why love spells are quite controversial in the witch community.(I have an interest in witchcraft.) Love is a very complicated thing, something that should be left alone to work on it’s own, so magick should not be used to tamper with it. Similar to trying to control the mind, it can be very harmful to both the caster and to the target. In spells to attract love, it could bring you stalkers, like if someone harbors feelings for you and don’t express it for certain reasons(i.e. they find it inappropriate.), it could lead them to obsess over the caster and eventually become a stalker.

Now, after all the talk about love spells, I will talk about my actual view on love.


Love (as I have already mentioned) is a great thing, but it has its dark side. I often like to look deep into topics like this, like how deeply intertwined Love and Death are, I almost consider them counterparts. Even in Greek mythology, Thanatos (Death) had become almost the same as Eros (Love/Cupid.), as he had quite a bit of similarities to him(i.e. how Thanatos brings Elysium/heaven/happiness and paradise to the dead and how Eros brings paradise and happiness to the living.)

Love can bring happiness, yes, but it can also bring eternal pain. Unrequited love is a very painful thing, as well as missing a loved one. Love also drives humankind to do the most stupid and horrible things, it makes us kill, it makes us lie, it makes us jealous, it brings out the worst of a person. Love truly is a monster, one of the most unrelenting monsters.

Even though Love is so great, it can come at a great price, but that price should not be your true identity, you should not negate your needs, your desires, your feelings, just because the person you have a crush on thinks that they are unimportant. Yes, a person can change, but one can only change so much, but to change your whole identity.

It’s not good. It’s not right. It’s not love.

It is greed. It is a lie. It is manipulation.

Hades, the god of death is often associated with riches, why? Because Greed and Longing are very very similar, and yet completely different things.

Love makes us do so many bad things, just to not let someone you love down, even if they don’t love you back, even if they will never love you back.

But the price of love should not be that, it should never cost you your soul or who you are.

You deserve love but it’s not worth your life or your suffering.

Love does come at a price, it should make you change for the better, it should make you do good things.

Love is a two faced being, one side is amazing and great, the other is dark and sad.

The good side is what you deserve, only if you do the right thing and let go of all the bad things about you, but not everything about you.

I find Death kinder, but it also has two sides, and the side that you get is what you deserve for your choices, either suffer for eternity for all the bad things you did, or end all your suffering in your life and let you be happy.

Despite this, I don’t want to be dead, not yet, death can take me later, now I want to deal with love, because love is great.

You should not want to be dead because of love, if you do, it is either you’re a bad person, or the person that you think is perfect is using you.

So that’s my opinion on love, please tell me how all of you feel about the topic.

Also, stay happy and live well, you all deserve to.